4 ways to welcome a new hire onboard midst of Pandemic!

Best ways to welcome a new hire to your team

Welcoming an employee onboard that too virtually can be a tricky one. The interaction between the team and the new hire is always less on the start. With pandemic drifting our jobs to remote work locations, onboarding a new employee virtually is tough. But there are few ways in which you can make the new employee feel welcomed. Crack few best ideas here to make your new teammate feel comfortable to align along with your team.

Say yes to chat!

Letting to know about your new hire can only happen when there is a normal conversation. Already the new employee you have onboarded might be quite nervous about meeting new people or introducing themselves. Take away the pressure from them, keep it light. Maybe give a brief heads-up before they are about to introduce themselves. Stay on the grey line where you need to act professionally with friendly behavior. Prepare your team to present a warm welcome to the newbie. Give preference to the new employee rather than talking so much about your team. The sooner they glide along, the sooner you can expect productivity from them. 

Office tour

Office tours are a must but how can you do it when you are remotely working? Yes, you can do it. Many organizations file their working bay pictures or they might have a 360-degree picture view. If you want your new hire to feel more comfortable, take them on a virtual tour to all areas of your office. Introduce them to their working place where they will be allocated when they are returning back to the office. 

Courier them a welcome box

Everybody is thrilled about surprises. It’s obviously a good gesture to send your new employee a few stationeries that can help them to work better even from their home. A welcome box might look like an investment but it can help your employee to feel their importance at work which will definitely push them to give the best outputs at work. The contents within the welcome kit can set the tone for your organization. So, plan what goes in for every employee who is joining your firm. Plan different kits for Gen X, Millennials, Boomers.

Assign a mentor

Every new hire will have so many doubts with regards to work, timings and much more! What if and what not can be handled if the company properly assigns him a mentor to help with. A mentor can help the new hire to get along with the team, learn the values of the company and stay updated with the policies. 

These are some of the few things which you can try out to make your new employee feel welcomed. Giving a warm welcome creates a good impression on your firm or team which will make the newbie stay long with the organization. Apart from this, if you need to organize some lively training sessions then Park Global HR Solutions can help you to prepare a module for onboarding the employee.

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