5 tips to perform easy online background verification for your new joiner

5 tips to perform easy online background verification for your new joiner_5 tips to perform easy online background verification for your new joiner

Remote working is great but it has got both of its pros and cons to consider. Employees may find it easy to work remotely but sometimes when it comes to background checks, the employer has their own set of challenges. But it can be subdued when a strategic plan is created. Park Global HR services can help you with 5 useful tips for performing a background check that too VIRTUALLY!

If you have these questions in your mind, then you might find solutions to find the tricksters from this blog!

  • Am I interviewing the same person stated in the resume?
  • Is the actual candidate taking the pre-assessments?

Detailed follow-up questions

          Have you come across this enneagram test online? If not you can have a look at it. It has a set of questions for identifying the type of personality. Your HR team can combine and make efforts to create such kinds of tests that can be specifically answered only by the candidate who has submitted his/her resume. Your question pattern can be of personal ones, educational ones, or even close to the resumes submitted by them. For instance, you can ask the candidate to explain about their project if they are fresher. Only the real one will certainly have an idea about his project and draft a fitting answer for it. When there are so many follow-up questions starting from the cluster of already asked questions the real ones linger patiently to answer them. This is one best way to avoid tricksters from your candidate’s list.

Make use of the pre-assessment questions

Once the candidate has cleared the pre-assessment, then HR’s can begin their major moves. You can pick questions from the pre-assessment. If the candidate responds to those questions or even remembers those same questions were asked during pre-assessment then you can verify them as a genuine ones. 

ID check

Before starting your online interview session, you must check for the candidate’s video along with the proofs that they have submitted. The ID checks must be spontaneous and candidate should be asked to show a quick verification of driving license or passport or anything they have it handy. This can also eliminate the fake ones who are appearing on behalf of your real candidate. 

Ought e-signatures

E-signatures are common while taking pre-assessments but candidates won’t foresee an e-signature during their video calls. Taking this as an advantage, you can ask for an online e-signature of the candidate before proceeding with the call or even you can add that at the end of the video call as a surprise element. 

Seek help from professionals

It is one of the best options to opt for where you can stop worrying about the right candidate. They will do all the necessary background verification that you are in need of. Park Global HR services is an expert in background verification services and we can offer those services at the best price. Visit our background verification page to know more. 

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