5 video interview questions that you shouldn’t miss to ask your new recruit!

New Recruit

Remote work culture is the new normal and most of the employees are getting adapted to it. A survey says even people who are returning to offices are seeking jobs that have remote working options. Once employees get comfortable working from their living rooms then it might be hard to bring them back to co-working spaces. Since most of the offices are still operating from remote your next recruitment might also be for a remote working employee. But how can you recruit an employee within a 5 min video call?

That’s challenging for many HR’s out there! To help you, Park Global HR offers 5 ideal questions which you can shoot them that will give you a brief idea about their personality even in a video call. 

Question #1

Why do you need this role?

It might look like a normal question but it can bring so many answers from the candidate. The candidate might give an outlook of changing a new role or even come up with contract completion and many more answers. The answer from the candidate can help you to decide whether he is really interested in the job. Always remember to engage in 2-way conversations which can build your conclusions about hiring the candidate. 

Question #2

What type of work do you prefer? Remote or on-site?

This will give you the idea of whether the candidate will be comfortable in retrieving back to the office once the quarantine is complete. HR can get a clear picture of whether the candidate loves to work in isolation or office environment. 

Question #3

What mode of communication do you prefer?

There are many people who move from the 1st floor to the 8th floor just to convey that they have completed their tasks while a few on the other hand drop a mail or ping in teams! Communication is the key to get most of the works done and you can get a perspective on the candidate’s communicative skills with the final one he picks out!

Question #4

Ask questions about their background

Few people are okay with sitting in a background that has few books or arranged furniture. Others go with a white background or virtual backgrounds which are readily available today. So, when you find that you haven’t received more insights about the candidate, you can come up with this question that will make them answer from being themselves. The goal of recruiting the right candidate is finding out who they really are! That question can be cracked by involving in such common conversations.

Question #5

Specify an achievement, you being a part of a team

If you need to know whether your candidate is a good team player or not. This question will crack up the answer for you. Since you can’t arrange for any group discussion or something in a sudden video call, this question can help you out. You can also note down their way of credit giving and shortlist them. 

Hiring new employees can be challenging even in video interviews. If you have a crystal clear video of the candidate then you might see their body language or eye contact. But not all candidates might have that. So, these questions can help you to overcome the battle of whether to shortlist the candidate or not! If you find these questions helped to recruit your new employee, then you might be interested in knowing how to welcome a new recruit on a video call. Stay connected with Park Global HR Services who can give you such awesome insights as well as staffing solutions.

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