Employees are the true assets of any firm. Keeping your employee engaged improves their potential which in turn helps your business to grow better. It is vital for any organization to come up with an employee engagement plan that challenges the employee’s potential and helps to find the growth areas of employee. The perks of...
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Do you hear a question always buzzing in your mind whether to outsource or not? Then, this time it is quintessential. There are lot more reasons to outsource it right now because we are altogether stuck in this pandemic! As you and your company know how hard it is to hire and train a resource....
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The pandemic and HR strategy
The whole world is under change not because of a sudden outburst of revolution or something but after covid-19. The times are tough because nearly 60 to 70% of the population has been affected. But the external ramifications didn’t overtake the workforce of many companies. On seeing the big picture, many firms thrived out more...
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Work from home
Working from home could have been a dream for few people while other masterminds who are used to the structured office environment find it really hard to work from home. Everything from timing to managing the tasks sometimes goes out of their leagues. We are now in 2021 but we are still not sure when...
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60% of employers are facing a lot of difficulties in hiring the right talent. Are you one among them? Streamline your hiring process today The process of recruiting and hiring the right talent has become a tedious task in today’s world. Surveys show that about 60% of employers are facing lot of difficulties as it...
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