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Top 3 add-on tools to help HR professionals-01
Tools can make our work-life great! HR role usually involves talking to candidates and onboarding them with so many other important aspects that bind the backbone of the organization. But tracking every task they are doing around the clock can be a little challenging. If you are just using google spreadsheets to track your tasks...
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5 tips to perform easy online background verification for your new joiner_5 tips to perform easy online background verification for your new joiner
Remote working is great but it has got both of its pros and cons to consider. Employees may find it easy to work remotely but sometimes when it comes to background checks, the employer has their own set of challenges. But it can be subdued when a strategic plan is created. Park Global HR services...
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Five ways to ensure you always hire the right person
  Hiring the new person can make or break your business. So you need to know what they’re looking for and how they can  efficiently solve the problem that you have given in the selection process. You can’t judge the right person around the clock. However, there are some criteria that help to hire the...
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peer recognition
Employees whom you have boarded in your ship are continuously working for your achievement in business. In simple words, your success is their success and vice versa. As a reputed organization, you have pre-planned all the strategies and achievements that need to be accomplished ahead of. But when you miss our peer recognition you are...
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Employees are the true assets of any firm. Keeping your employee engaged improves their potential which in turn helps your business to grow better. It is vital for any organization to come up with an employee engagement plan that challenges the employee’s potential and helps to find the growth areas of employee. The perks of...
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