Streamline your hiring process

60% of employers are facing a lot of difficulties in hiring the right talent. Are you one among them? Streamline your hiring process today

The process of recruiting and hiring the right talent has become a tedious task in today’s world. Surveys show that about 60% of employers are facing lot of difficulties as it takes plenty of time in hiring the right talent. If you have just started your new business, there are chances of missing your goals as you are slowed down with filing positions. If you are a seasoned business your recruitment process might become an outdated one and you might miss out reaching the new generation.

If your hiring process is slow it means you are missing out the top talent. About 31% of the job applicants expect a personalized response when they submit their resume. As this demand has increased many businesses are looking for ways to streamline their hiring process. In this blog, you will find different ways to optimize and streamline your hiring process which in turn will help you find the right talent.

Detailed Job Description
Job descriptions should be written in detail. This is because a general job description can attract a lot of applicants but when a job description is specific and if it outlines the necessary hard and soft skills required along with the job roles and responsibilities you can easily filter which applicants fit your description and which do not.

Mobile friendly application
A research shows that employees spend less than ten minutes and prefer reading only two to three pages to fill out a job application. If your application is not mobile friendly, then you might miss out a lot of talented candidates. Take your time and select a user-friendly software that makes it easy to submit an application from any device.

Search Engine Optimization and Paid Advertising

The world of digital marketing is a growing industry and you want your business to be shown on top in the google search results. With SEO and PPC advertising being the two major aspects of digital marketing there are chances where your job openings could disappear very soon so it’s important to make sure that your posts are SEO optimized and if you are going with paid advertising ensure that all your posts are seen only by potential candidates.

Personal Communication
Constant follow up with the candidate is an important aspect, if your competitors are doing it and if you are not, then you are going to miss on good candidates. As lot of businesses are looking to hire and with tons of job opportunities out there if an applicant doesn’t hear from you, they are going to lose interest. Providing a weekly update or sending personalized e-mails can help you retain a candidate.

Employee Background and Reference Check

Employees seem to hide a lot of sensitive information and hence employee background and reference check is a good practice in the hiring process. This is done to ensure if the candidates are being honest about their credentials. Technology has streamlined this process as well, helping you speed up your hiring process.

Outsource it to the pros

One of the best ways is to outsource it to an expert. If you are not confident enough to write the perfect job description or if you are not tech-savvy enough to optimize your website, then it is best to streamline your recruitment process.

Employees are the greatest asset for a company and if you want the best talent for your company reach out to us.