The pandemic and HR strategy

The whole world is under change not because of a sudden outburst of revolution or something but after covid-19. The times are tough because nearly 60 to 70% of the population has been affected. But the external ramifications didn’t overtake the workforce of many companies. On seeing the big picture, many firms thrived out more successful with updated HR policies and new hybrid office structures. 

The HR management is coming up with new strategies to encourage and support the employees in meticulous ways. Here are 3 trending points which any small to large scale company can update if you haven’t given a thought about updating the HR policies. This is the time when employees need your support so that they can contribute their work without hindrance to their companies!

Leave policies

Every employee will definitely look up to this policy in your organization. Because recuperation phase post covid takes time and employees need more leaves than a week. Most of the organizations have updated their HR policies with regard to leave policies. Firms have given 15 paid sick leave to recover from covid19. Flexible working patterns can be given to the employees who are in the phase of recovery as per the health regulatory policies of state law. 

Working from home

It is the new trendsetter and the outcomes of employees who are working from home are exceptional. From HR management’s modus operandi, the focus is always to build the productivity of employees by diversified methods. And working from home has proven to the best working from home policy after the breakout of novel coronavirus. 

It is also vital for HR management to keep a routine check of employees’ mental health. Because it is really hard for many employees to shuttle between work life and personal life. HR can come up with group discussions and other activities to cheer up the employees to keep their good spirits up! If you are an employee who is puzzled about planning your work from home timings and engaging actively in work? Then here is your help box

Healthcare benefits

Pandemic has triggered the red key for updating your healthcare benefits package for every employee in your organization. Update your healthcare policies right now so that your employees get the right medical help on time. Build a community for allotting separate policies and plans for every health issue that your companies employees are facing. Since the pandemic has brought in new threads of the outbreak of various fungus, it is vital that healthcare policies are covering all the expenses. 

There are many bumps on the road of destination, but we still make it to the destination at last! That’s how as a workforce we must see this pandemic and overcome all the struggles in a positive manner. If you are planning to lookup for a new job, then make sure the company you are about to band together with has all these updated policies. Park Global HR Services can help you to find the best job that meets up all your expectations. If you are really talented then our organization is open to take you in! Send your resumes to

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