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Tools can make our work-life great! HR role usually involves talking to candidates and onboarding them with so many other important aspects that bind the backbone of the organization. But tracking every task they are doing around the clock can be a little challenging. If you are just using google spreadsheets to track your tasks and organize your interviews then here are a few free tools to help you out! Read more to reduce your daily shuttle at work. 


If you are looking for a one-stop automation solution then Sheetgo is the one great solution! Combine, consolidate, and convenience are the exact goals of sheetgo which can be quite helpful for HR’s on their busy days. Merging multiple google sheets won’t be difficult anymore with Sheetgo. It has got plenty of options from appending google sheet data to connecting data from cross-cloud. If you are new to sheetgo, then they provide expert automation support with features like 


  • Easy to learn tutorials
  • 1-1 video calls 
  • Tailored workflow designs

Ratings – 4 stars

Total downloads – 2,714,778


Managing your 8 hours of work can become efficient with Timesheet. It works along with the google calendar to keep track of time. It can help you to create reports based on time consumption, project status, and much more. All you need to do is drop a hashtag before typing the text! Timesheet has recently updated the beta version of Timer-Component too. 

Ratings – 4 stars

Total downloads – 332,554

Employee onboarding app

This is also a free automation tool to turn HR’s onboarding process easier! It has customizable offer letters which can be sent to individual candidates. It can help you to add candidates to your google calendars and Trello boards swiftly. It helps to create a customized email address for candidates. For instance: ‘‘. 

Ratings – 4.9 stars

Total downloads – 8,977

These are some of the ways that can help you to reduce time-consuming tasks. Make your work simple with these free tools available online. Need to stay updated on more such useful content? Park Global HR Services is here for you! 


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