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Why Choose Us?

Park Global HR Services is started with a motive of providing all HR Services under One roof.

Our success can be defined by the placement of over 300 candidates within 2 Months of establishment.

We provide Full Time / Permanent employees across sectors.

We provide Contract / Flexi Staffing employees across sectors.

We at Park Global HR provide Support Services 24 x 7.

We are equipped with highly skilled and seasoned recruiters.

Delivery Model

We deliver quality solutions in time within budget by adapting best practices for both for Employers and Employment Seekers fulfilling their requirements efficiently.

Greater Flexibility

We have the capability to quickly adjust staff levels up or down based on fluctuations in demand.

Faster Hiring

Park Global HR highly qualified recruiters access a large pool of candidates that help you optimize your recruiting timeline.

Project-based Staffing

In today’s complex market, which includes many varieties of staffing services; Park Global HR has the expertise to quickly assemble team of specialists to manage your requirement from concept to completion. We even offer different options to supplement or increase your staff basis your needs