Background Verification Services

Employees being the face affect any organization’s brand reputation directly. Likewise, the right employees have a positive influence over customer satisfaction and the company’s balance sheet. Hence it becomes imperative for employers to look for employee background check to build a secure workplace environment, ensuring their workforce comprises of employees who have the right skills and fit the organization’s culture and values.

Park Global HR provides a thorough range of pre-employment screening and verification services on current and prospective employees across multiple sectors / industries in a flexible, timely and cost-effective manner which includes;

  • Academic Verification: We authenticate academic details like qualifications, relevant degrees/ diplomas and certificates furnished by candidates, directly from their colleges or universities
  • Employment Verification: We get information on the candidate’s previous employment such as, tenure of employment, last position/ designation held and reason for leaving.
  • Reference Verification: We ascertain the candidate’s credentials, skills, strengths and weakness by a team of trained professionals speaking to both personal and professional references.